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Pinched Nerve

Our Chiropractor in Coon Rapids Delivers Natural Pinched Nerve Treatment

Dr. Kenneth Ruf at Caring Chiropractic Center understands the pain and discomfort that accompany a pinched nerve. Our chiropractor in Coon Rapids evaluates your spine to determine where the nerve compression is occurring. Then, he puts together a treatment plan to eliminate pinched nerves naturally. Using chiropractic adjustments and lifestyle changes, we show you the ways to restore your mobility, strength and comfort.

woman suffering from a pinched nerve

Symptoms of Pinched Nerve

If you wonder whether or not you have a pinched nerve, consider the following symptoms:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Pain
  • A tingling or burning sensation
  • Numbness
  • Limited mobility

These symptoms and more occur when a nerve is being interrupted. This interruption or compression can come from a vertebrae that is out of alignment and pressing on the nerve. A pinched nerve may also occur if the disc between the vertebrae has begun to bulge or herniated. The disc then begins to occupy the nerve space and puts pressure on the nerve. Weak muscles or muscle imbalances may also result in nerve pressure if the muscles no longer support healthy spinal or joint alignment. The pinched nerves may also occur in joints such as your wrists and shoulders, so Dr. Ruf examines these areas as well.

Chiropractic Care for Pinched Nerve Treatment

Our chiropractor uses a combination of services to alleviate your pinched nerves. The first priority is to align your spine and joints using gentle manipulations. Dr. Ruf slides the vertebrae of your back into a position that reduces nerve pressure to alleviate conditions such as sciatica. He also gently adjusts your joints to allow freedom of nerve flow, which improves conditions such as carpal tunnel and tennis elbow. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Ruf teaches you how to improve the way you sit, stand, sleep and lift to eliminate nerve pressure. This may include exercises to enhance flexibility and muscular balance. 

Pinched nerves respond well to chiropractic care. Instead of living with the pain, tingling, weakness and numbness, we invite you to Caring Chiropractic Center for immediate and lasting relief. Conditions such as sciatica and carpal tunnel begin to ease following your first adjustment. You feel a return of mobility in your hands and legs, less pain in your wrists and lower back and a reduction in the numbness and weakness. Dr. Ruf focuses on finding the cause of the pinched nerve and then uses natural treatments to quickly ease your discomfort and eliminate the pressure off the nerve.

Contact our Chiropractor in Coon Rapids Today

Pinched nerve treatment with our Coon Rapids chiropractor is a natural, medication-free and non-invasive way to quickly eliminate your symptoms. Whether your symptoms are new, from an injury or accident, or you have been living for years with the discomfort, Dr. Ruf provides relief. Our treatments are family-friendly, so if your parent or child is struggling, we encourage you to bring them in for a consultation. To schedule your appointment, please call us today at 763-421-1905.


pinched nerve

pinched nerve

pinched nerve

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