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Services From Your Chiropractor in Coon Rapids

Caring Chiropractic Center is your trusted chiropractor in Coon Rapids. We provide an extensive number of services to meet each one of your unique needs. If you’ve struggled with pain or are facing limited mobility, we encourage you to take steps to improve this through a holistic, whole-body approach. We recommend ongoing care and treatment for each one of your unique needs. Below are some of the services we offer.

Auto Injury Rehab in Coon Rapids

car accident injury chiropractic in coon rapidsOur auto accident chiropractor in Coon Rapids always provides exceptional service to those struggling after a painful event. Whiplash and other types of neck pain are common in this type of accident. Whiplash, for example, can occur as a result of the rapid back and forth movement of the vehicle, often causing inflammation and misalignment. Our auto accident chiropractor in Coon Rapids can provide adjustments and massage therapy to improve this condition.

Back Adjustments

back pain treatment in coon rapidsBack pain is very common and can be due to a number of ailments including disease and injury. Even weekend warriors feel it on Mondays. The key here is to understand the specific cause of the pain and then to offer back adjustments, which are a gentle level of force applied to the spinal column, to correct the misalignment. Doing this improves overall pain levels, but it also can improve mobility and lessen chronic pain development.

Extremity Adjustments

Extremity pain relief in Arms and legs suffer pain and misalignment as well. If you have pain that seems to be shooting down into your leg or pain that radiates down your arms, this is a good indication of a problem with your spinal column. Our goal is to locate the area of concern and then to adjust it. We adjust it by moving the joints back into proper position so that the pain and pressure on the nerves is minimized. Doing this allows you to see less pain and it allows the body’s natural healing process to get underway.


headache or chronic migraines relief from your coon rapids chiropractor Often, headaches and migraines are directly related to misalignment in the spinal column. When there is a misalignment here, nerves are pinched, causing the pain you feel. This type of pain is often not treatable with other pain medications. If you are experiencing reoccurring migraines or headaches, it may be time to look for more advanced care from our chiropractor.

Massage Therapy

massage therapy in coon rapidsTo help encourage natural healing, we recommend massage therapy as a component of most chiropractic care sessions. It aids in reducing pain and inflammation in areas of back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and for headaches. Your Coon Rapids chiropractic office offers therapeutic massages to improve overall well-being and health.

Neck Pain Adjustments

Neck pain occurs for a variety of reasons. Our goal is to help to reduce the nerve inflammation and properly align the muscles and tendons there. By working to properly adjust the cervical spinal column, we can reduce this type of pain significantly, giving you relief. We can correct concerns such as poor posture, whiplash, and stress-related pain in this way. More so, you may gain improvement in the overall mobility you have. Weekend warriors looking to overcome that sports injury will appreciate neck pain adjustments as well.

Nutritional Counseling and Therapy

nutritional counseling in coon rapidsIt’s not just enough to treat the pain you feel. We have to give your body the nutritional support it needs as well. We’ll work with you to learn about any deficiencies while also aiding you in creating a diet that fits your needs. We offer natural vitamin supplements that can help to fill in the gaps you may be experiencing.

Custom Orthotics

custom orthotics from your Poor posture commonly causes misalignments in the spine. With each step you take, you may experience a twinge of pain. Our goal with custom orthotics is to correct the imbalance occurring. By doing this, we can help to give you support in not only overcoming pain but also preventing worsening pain or conditions down the road.

Physical Therapy

It’s common for patients recovering from an injury to need physical therapy. When you visit our chiropractor, we’ll provide you with physical therapy that’s designed to address your specific needs. Our goal is to improve your mobility but also to ensure the way you are moving your body is proper. This can help to reduce further injuries down the road.

Sports Injury Rehab With Your Coon Rapids Chiropractor

sport injury treatment from you chiropractor in coon rapidsIndividuals hurt on the field or the court can benefit from working with our sports chiropractor. Sports injuries including neck and shoulder injuries, back pain, and ligament tears can be treated by our sports chiropractor. These sports injuries don’t have to limit an individual’s ability to move or function if treated properly at the root cause of the problem.

Work and Personal Injury Rehab

workplace, personal injury treatment with coon rapids chiropractic careAccidents occurring at work or at someone’s home may be covered under chiropractic care. If you’ve been hurt, such as falling or injuring yourself at work through repetitive motion, we encourage you to seek out rehab from our team. When you visit your Coon Rapids chiropractic office, we’ll work with you to track these types of services so that you can report them as losses. Nearly all work-related injuries can be improved by chiropractic care.

General Wellness

wellness guidance with help from your chirorpactor in Coon RapidsChiropractic care is also good for your body and natural health. It is only when your body’s central nervous system communicates properly with your organs and every other system in your body that true health can occur. With proper care, we can help you to treat your current ailments but also help you to improve your body’s natural ability of fight off injury and illness down the road. Our wellness approach gives your body the overall ability to work at its best level as it naturally should.

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